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Who am I?
I’m a pretty average bloke living in Sydney, Australia. I love rugby, cricket, the surf, beers with the guys and am an utterly obsessive reader and writer. I like exercise yoga (find a good teacher and I assure you that in your first few weeks you’ll be sorer than any gym workout you’ve ever done) and pushing my opinions about healthy eating onto my mates . . . don’t get me started!
I work in the city—unfortunately not as a writer—with a great group of people in the world’s most interesting profession; taxation. A lot of people are lucky in sport, work, collecting football cards, walking down the road without tripping, picking out the good B grade movies from the abhorrent ones where you wish you could get that two hours of your life back but can’t, etc. I tend not to be. The one thing I can say for my luck, however, is that it really came to the party when my group of mates developed over the last 15 years. Without them and my awesome family I would not, and could not be the person I am today.


Why do I write about what I write about?
I am an obsessive reader - probably compulsive too. I was the kid in primary and high school going to sleep at his desk not because he was a bad-arse who hung out with the older kids all night trying his first cigarette or drinking from a goon sack while his parents sat at home worrying, but because he’d stayed up till 4:00 in the morning completely engrossed in the Robinson Crusoe, or some other awesome novel. The same happened at uni, except I would just sleep straight through class in bed, instead of bothering to walk down the epic hill at SCU to get to class. The Horus Heresy Series (Multiple Black Library Authors – war sci-fi), the Rigante Series (David Gemmell – heroic fantasy), The Space Wolf series (Bill King and Lee Lightner – war sci-fi), Lord of the Rings (J RR Tolkein – epic fantasy), Game of Thrones (George RR Martin – epic fantasy), books from dad’s collection of history books; quite literally anything I could get my hands on, I read.
Add to that movies like 300, Young Indiana Jones and the Great Escape, Robin Hood, Starship Troopers, Lord of the Rings, Zulu (the Michael Cain one – I hear Orlando Bloom is doing a remake in 2013), The Three Musketeers, Kingdom of Heaven, Aliens, Black Hawk Down, all the James Bond films, Band of Brothers (Season 1 only... didn’t really get as much into the characters of season 2), Game of Thrones ... anyhow, I could go on for a while but you probably get the picture. Anything where there are large scale battles and a chance for heroism and evil to knock heads, where there is a little side story of espionage or big side serving of betrayal, where there is a little magic to add spice to the flavour without overwhelming the meal; that is what you’ll find me reading and watching.
That’s why you’ll find me writing dark, bloody adventure on an epic scale. That’s why Kael was a great evil character to write, why Nikhael is... (whoa... if you haven’t read Shield of Secunda I’ll leave that comment there) and why I chose to make Uthiel and his brothers the elite, and tried hard not to go down the route George Martin went down where every character tends to have so much bad stuff to them it’s hard to see the heroic and good stuff shine through (don’t get me wrong, I love his works... in fact, I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones).


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What got me started down this path?
Well, Shield of Secunda was my first serious attempt at getting something out there for people to read. It started out when I was 14, having just watched Interview with a Vampire. My first character, Luthor (who would eventually become Uthiel when I was about 16), was a fearsome vampire hunter with thick plate armour defending the wall of a small besieged village with his brothers. Shield of Secunda had been written three or four times prior to one fateful day (being New Year’s Day 2011) when I woke up with an absolutely BELTING hangover from a long day and night of excess with but one thing on my mind; to get my work out there.
To put my mind and spirit to the test and to actually finish something I cared about for once. I wiped 80,000 words from existence, and started over. The storyline changed, the characters changed, and a year and a half down the track I'm ready to show it to you and see what happens. One of the things I love about being alive is you never know where you are going to end up, who you are going to meet, and how any action or consequence will affect your life. I personally cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.