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G. Hamilton Author Biography

G. James Hamilton - author

G(regory) 'Gee' James Hamilton left school at fifteen to pursue a high-flying career in the steam boiler stoking sector but it didn't work out. He blew the boiler up and got his ticket-of-leave and a clout in the ear for his trouble. Undaunted, he tried to become a naval commander but his father refused to sign the papers. He thought the Gulf of Tonkin incident would worsen and there'd end up being a Viet Nam War. So Gee left home and tried to join the ranks of the telegram delivery boys based at the Sydney GPO. That too failed, as he dolefully recounts in his Disgraceful Memoirs published by Phoenix. Little by little it was discovered that his obstinate nature and his inability to suffer fools gladly hid a bohemian talent that was frustrated in having no proper outlet. Since graffiti wasn't invented yet in Australia, he had to find a respectable calling where drawing and mucking about with colours and stuff were not only not forbidden but actually encouraged.


He became a draftsman then set his sights on becoming an architect. 'The Vocational Guidance exams they used to do in those days were pretty accurate, with architect and barrister on my list of five choices of career. I was offered a place at ANU to do Constitutional Law but I didn't take it up, and I regret it. I would have enjoyed that since our Constitution is a bloody shambles. Instead, I went lecturing until I realized that academe was death cooled down. I wasn't ready to become a fossil pretending to be of value to society. I remained in practice as an architect for as long as my paper run savings held out, then went from the frying pan into the fire by turning to writing. I was ignorant of Nietzsche's death wish concept. Architecture is one of those civilizationally vital professions governments ignore, like sociology, because politicians are boofheads drawn from the back of the nation's classrooms. Architecture attracts young souls keen to be creative and to overlook the lousy money to be made by all but the top 5% of architects. All that really happens is that you end up not being allowed to be creative so you lose out on all fronts.

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I likened being an architect to a lawyer or doctor with clients that begged them to lose the case or let them die just to keep costs down. Nobody wanted to pay for good design. Writing for the old publishing industry was much the same. With publishers like Phoenix, you have more than a good chance of getting off the slush pile so many writers languish on because of the constipated nature of the old, pre-electronic publishing racket. I hawked around my idea for a revamped New Testament and got cold indifference from fear-ridden publishers. The same with Thunderbolt. Phoenix snapped it up. It'll come out in autumn as 'The Far Country'. Gee has several titles about to be mounted on Amazon.com as well as the Phoenix web site.