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Larry Kynne is the nom-de-plume of Laurence Kyneton, a retired US sociology academic now living as a recluse in Australia. His ethnic origin is Russian. He's the latest acquisition to the writers stable at Phoenix. His great concern is that the species he belongs to is sliding toward barbarism. He's alarmed at the extent of the imitation of the practices of the 'evil empire' (USSR) rampant in Western society, with its unofficial sanction of torture, illegal detention, authoritarian government, unabashed official lies and crimes, manipulation of foreign governments, and a bewildered and ignorant, patriotically stupid public. 'At least Russia was honest about how it got things done,' says Kynne. Kynne maintains a low profile in the US media after receiving death threats of the type Noam Chomsky receives on a daily basis.


'The problem in America can't be fixed,' say Kynne, 'as long as America is the America we know. And it's not going to change voluntarily. Those who run the country won't have it. They kill to avoid it. I refer of course to the unelected plutocrats, not the night janitors who occupy the Capitol and the White House. Russia could change because the plutocrats didn't have the iron grip of control as their US counterparts have. Besides, the average Russian is more intelligent than the great bulk of Americans, and knew that change had to come. They have a more realistic view of life. Tell an American he has to change and watch the fireworks of denial. I'll let Nature solve that one. But, as Larry Kynne, I can have my say, just as anyone else can. It's because so few Westerners have the courage to speak out that they have the dreadful systems they have.

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Modern Barbarism
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I think Gorbachev was right in trying to make a new Russia where the almighty dollar wasn't the very foundation of society. He was a good man. He failed, but only because his people failed themselves.' When asked if he thought America would go fascist, his reply was pointed: 'Would go? You've got to be kidding. It always has been, behind the fake facade of respectability.' Kynne's preferred style of writing is the essay. The essay speaks to people without trying to con them by entertaining them and pandering to their need to be transported out of their dreary lives. A novel, unless it's a good one, is written to anaesthetize the reader against the pains of existence. I don't go along with such nonsense.'
Larry Kynne is working with Phoenix to assemble a hotly contentious collection of essays for release in early 2012.