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Paul Perrot – author/poet

Paul Perrot is a French national living in Picardy in France. A lawyer by training and livelihood until his fifties, he got into the writing habit as a teenager. His preferred literary media are short stories, novellas and poetry. Paul has been elected President of several French national literary institutions and has won many literary awards and prizes in France. His mentor from a very early age was Victor Hugo, whose influence is discernible in Paul's unusual works. Paul took up painting in oils in his sixties and repeated his literary successes in that medium.


A shy and reclusive man, Paul works a rigorous shift of work and celebrating the French art of gastronomy and appreciation of fine music. Phoenix is pleased to be in a position to make Paul's works available to a broader international audience, who'll be amazed by the creative power of his pen. Translations are due for release here on this website in January 2012 and on Amazon France and dot com in the United States for world coverage in English.

Paul Perrot

Rehabilitating Aesthetics

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