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Disgraceful Memoirs of a Post-war Veteran
The Far Country Book 2
The Making of The Far Country trilogy
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Adrian Collins Shield of Secunda
Shield of Secunda

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Adrian Collins Buy Shield of Secunda Novel
Adrian Collins
The White Frontier has fallen. Four centuries have passed since the Secundan Empire was all but destroyed. Secunda's people are threatened once more. This time, with their backs to the mountains, they have nowhere left to run.
Uthiel Caellar and his young brothers don their knight's plate and mail and go to war with the greatest heroes of the land, their youthful lust for glory to be pitted against the harsh reality of all-out war. As Secunda's sons start to fall to the horde and a ruthless god who feeds on the weakness of the proud and strong, can Uthiel and his brothers survive the bloodshed?

 The Zenith Syndrome Book Novel
The Zenith Syndrome

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Robert Menzies The Zenith Syndrome
Robert Menzies

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The Zenith Syndrome
Andy Fuller wants badly to know what happens when you kick the bucket. He wants it so badly he can’t wait till he dies of natural causes. He and his useless mate Wombat Wiggins arrange a near-death experience in their local pool. Alas, things go awry, and Andy finds himself emerging from the cloudy tunnel into a place called Zenith. It seems like heaven, but not the one he got told about in Sunday School. He meets up with some of the family members he never knew he had, as well as some long-dead heroes. He also discovers that, contrary to his belief, God really does exist. But up here he is known as Ellexis. Andy’s introduced to a wicked character called Nadir who resembles Satan. Ellexis assigns Andy the seemingly impossible task of destroying Nadir, with the promise that if he's successful, He’ll return him to the Domain of the Living. Will it work? Or is it just a gigantic ethereal con?
   Mostly Behind The Eight-Ball Mostly Behind The Eight-Ball

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Andrew Kepitis-Andrews Mostly Behind The Eight-Ball
The mostly heroic saga of the epic travels of a WW2 Balt refugee to a mostly new life on a mostly old continent. Read of his childhood in a German Displaced Persons’ camp and a migrant camp in Australia. His later travels in Germany, England and South Africa are intriguing. For example, his marriage made legal history in South Africa. In Australia, his business enterprises were inventive and his whole life story is a humourous and highly entertaining read. His book is also available on
Amazon Kindle. At present he is completing his second book, "Take it Easy"—an account of life in his adopted country as only a New Australian could tell it.

A. Publication pending at Amazon.com

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 Chi-Reflexology by Moos Arnold

“The information in Moss’ book pours out as if he were talking to you. I love the way he sets up a logical or accepted idea then shatters it, prompting us to think not only once or twice, but many times. He does not demand that we accept all his thoughts and intuitions, rather that we think and argue about them, then accept or reject them.” Suzanne Enzer RN, RSCN, SRN, RZT Principal, Soul to Sole Reflexology
  Book The Visitor The Visitors G.James Hamilton THE VISITORS
The simple case of home invasion turns bizarre on Beryl and Wally Chalk. They should have acted sooner before it got out of hand. They could have done something while they had the chance. Once the rot starts, there's no telling where it'll end. The visitors are every sane householder's nightmare. It could happen to any of us. In fact they may well be on their way over to your place right now.
  Book The Visitor Disgraceful Memoirs of a Post-war Veteran

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Disgraceful Memoirs of a
Post-war Veteran
G.James Hamilton MEMOIRS 1
From 1950, at age 3, the world seemed normal until people started poking about in my life. They say they're family, teachers and the like and that they have a right to interfere, to stuff me around. No one back at base had prepared me for this. I thought Hell came later, and then only to the bastards and the deserving. No flames, just the suffering and leering. Few of us realize how strange life is until they see 'other people' going for it like rubbery store dummies. It's weird.
  Dishonorable Memoirs of a Post-war Veteran
Dishonorable Memoirs of a Post-war Veteran G.James Hamilton MEMOIRS 2
From the age of reason onward, it only got worse for me. The initial trauma became a full-on struggle to determine who was insane—me or them, the leering interlopers at home and at school. People today seem to have forgotten how terrible it was. I felt obliged to jog a few memories before we all die and end up having the do the whole damned thing all over again. Don't laugh. Groundhog Day was based on our daily existential reality.
  Disreputable Memoirs of a Post-war Veteran 3 Disreputable Memoirs of a Post-war Veteran G.James Hamilton MEMOIRS 3
Approaching adulthood, faced with the choice we all have to make of becoming an adult or a sane person, I made my brave choice. It didn't make life easy opting to become a fringe-dweller of society, knowing that the inmates had taken over the administration block of the asylum. The crowd thought it was all normal. It never occurred to any of them that alien manipulation of humanity's psyche might be involved. I had no doubts.
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B. Release 2014
  A Little Dignity by L. Kynne A Little Dignity, if you Bloody Please … Larry Kynne A LITTLE DIGNITY
Dignity has come to be in alarmingly short supply in our time. A personal sense of worth and dignity is vital to a fulfilled life, yet it eludes us as we scramble to climb the greasy pole that leads nowhere. Modern society does nothing to reverse the slide into nihilism. Like the frog who found himself boiled slowly, we're powerless as long as we're unaware of what the loss of dignity means. Larry Kynne takes the reader on a tour of dignity lost and regained.
  The Making of the novel 'Thunderbolt' The Making of the novel 'Thunderbolt' G.James Hamilton THE MAKING OF THUNDERBOLT THE NOVEL
The story of how and why this book got to be written. Instead of a pedestrian account of a common felon, this book found itself confronted with the abuse of Crown power and crimes committed by the colonial government of New South Wales – crimes subjected to a cover-up that endures to this day. Hamilton explains why our present government thinks it better to let sleeping dogs lie as the lesser of two sordid evils.
  The Bob Boland Story For the Love of the Game   FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME
A book by Balmain footy great Bob Boland assisted by narrator G.James Hamilton. What started out as an autobiography by modest Bob saw itself evolve into a mix of his story and a commentary on the state of the game by Bob and the men he played with in the '60s. Read about the clashes between the two gladiators John Sattler and Bob Boland that enthralled crowds of the day. Bob's backed up by fellow team-mates to put the game they loved into a broader perspective than meets the eye.
  Bamboozled (Book 1) Australian Fiction Novel Bamboozled (Book 1)

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Larry Kynne BAMBOOZLED 1
Modern man has become alienated from himself and is unaware of his condition. Marx, governments, shrinks and clergy have all failed to solve the problem, largely because it's an affair for each individual; not angry crowds, voting blocs or congregations. If Larry Kynne thought the situation was hopeless, he wouldn't have written this broad-sweep analysis. If we remain riddled with fear, we'll never amount to anything. Kynne shows a way out of the labyrinth.
  Bamboozled (Book 2) Australian Fiction Novel Bamboozled (Book 2) Larry Kynne BAMBOOZLED 2
Larry Kynne continues his themes of estrangement, redemption and resurrection in his study of man's failure to understand his predicament. Kynne suggests a likely route out of the mental and cultural desert we've created for ourselves. 'If we're correct in assuming religion is the answer,' says Kynne, 'what we most commonly take for religion is decidedly not the answer. Therein lies the dilemma. Therein lies the tragedy'.
  Bamboozled (Book 2) Australian Fiction Novel Bamboozled (Book 3) Larry Kynne BAMBOOZLED 3
Kynne carries his work forward to show that nothing is what we were taught to believe it to be and that the centre of all knowledge and wisdom is within our selves. It can't possibly be anywhere else if we are not mere puppets of incompetent sky gods or manipulating aliens. We are where the buck stops.
  A Triumph of Fools A Triumph of Fools Lorcan Lawson A TRIUMPH OF FOOLS
We live in a social world fashioned by intellectual light-weights who convinced us they knew what they were doing. The proof of their 'pudding' is that their over-inflated self-confidence and neo-fascist arrogance have made wretches of us in our own land. Their social dogmas have blighted Western societies in a way the anarchists of old could only dream of. We've all been made victims of their sterile formulae for 'living'—led to paradise; a Paradise of Fools. Their triumph over us is total.
Intrigues Françaises Paul Perrot INTRIGUES FRANCAISES
Paul Perrot is the master story craftsman with a bent for the off-beat and sometimes disturbing. Translated from the French, his fantastic stories and poems reveal a writer with an awesome power of imagination and a knack for the unfamiliar. Certainly not the usual stuff—from a distinguished, prize-winning French author.
  A Kangaroo in Gaule Book Novel A Kangaroo Loose in Gaule G.James Hamilton A KANGAROO LOOSE IN GAULE
In this exotic account of his life in France, Hamilton proves Hemingway right: anyone who spent his youth in Paris can re-live the experience forever no matter where he is, for Paris is a moveable feast. Upon arrival in France from the US, Hamilton was smitten by all things Gallic. Highlights of this Australian's time amongst 'les Frogues'.
  The Alchemist's Apprentice Book Novel The Alchemist's Apprentice

Book 1
of The Far Country trilogy
The first of the trilogy is the true account of Judas, the man murdered by his fellow disciples—the man who made his master's mission a success and became the most despised man in history. But all is not what it seems. The Far Country is where the Prodigal Son went to find his true self. His experience is symbolic of man's short visit to Earth and the shambles he makes of it.
  The Master Builder Book Novel Bless Me Father
G.James Hamilton BLESS ME FATHER
How many altar boys of the 1950s lived to tell the truth of their ordeal under the red and white cassock? Hamilton was press-ganged into it, resented the imposition and lost his faith on the job. A vision came to him in which he learned that the whole thing was ritualistic bollocks. He was only short at the time, but not short on insights into the horror of it.
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C. Release 2015
  A Heretic in New Babylon Book Novel A Heretic in New Babylon

Book 2
of The Far Country trilogy

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The Far Country Book 2
The Ministry and Passion experienced by the strange miracle-working prophet Emmanuel Victor Manu in New Babylon (Sydney, before the Pall, or deadening, of 2021). Sent by those watching over us, Manu's mission is to confront the Prodigal in us and to show the way out of the prison labyrinth of the underworld – the place we know as Earth.
  The Trial at Serna Book Novel The Trial at Serna

Book 3
of The Far Country trilogy
Manu's failed defence team mounts an attack on the Patriarchs for their role in securing the execution of the prophet. If they feared what the living Manu might have done to their fiefdom, they dread even more what he can do in death as the state leaves them exposed to the defence's demands that they be answerable to the people. At Serna, the Church is charged with crimes against humanity, and the longest of human sagas draws to a close.
  Onward to Nowhere Book Novel Onward to Nowhere
Very rarely do writers take aim at the privileged closed-shop activities that maintain Australia as the Land of Lost Opportunity. 'Bad leadership is a curse,' says Lorcan Lawson. 'And this land is cursed—from birth.' If we had a real national identity apart from the hype, can anyone remember what it was? Does mediocrity really need to have a cult following in the land of Oz? This is Awsome Lawson's uncommon-sense answer.
  What Lies Beneath Book Novel What Lies Beneath
Many scholars and literary types talk of the lies that underpin the cultures of Capitalism, Christianity and Democracy. All to no avail. As these moribund houses of straw burn, Larry Kynne dissects the mess, putting the blame where it rightly belongs. To Larry, our very existence is founded on a lie. Facing that is the key to building a house that doesn't burn.
  The Making of The Master Builder Book Novel The Making of the Master Builder
THE MAKING OF THE MASTER BUILDER Architect Lewis Raines Jr is on a roll. He's VP of his father's large Chicago commercial practice, married to the beautiful daughter of a NY socialite and is responsible for some of the largest projects in the world. The last thing in his thoughts was that he could lose it all in the twinkling of an eye. If life is a learning experience through humbling, Lewis Raines Jr had ordered the full twelve-course meal.
  The Master Builder Book Novel The Master Builder
Ayn Rand's brilliant but dated novel (1944) of the hyper-individualistic architect Howard Roark never found an equal in over sixty-eight years. This book rises to that challenge. Written by an architect and former academic, the author's aim is to bring the public's perception of the art into the present. Things have come a long way since Roark built his glass towers but we keep on doing it.
  The Silenced Majority Book Novel The Silenced Majority
We all know of the Silent Majority; how wise and polite they are and how they suffer noiselessly. But how many are aware that they'd been involuntarily silenced? How, why and by whom? Lorcan explains it as only a forthright person can, from his own gut and insights harvested in his electorate of Bogan Gate. 'Politicians say the public know best, then act to the contrary,' says Lorcan. 'How long can that go on?'
  The Far Country Trilogy The Making of The Far Country trilogy

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The Making of
The Far Country trilogy
Hamilton's 'opus major' in which he explains what drove him to write it and to nearly abandon it many times, and what good he achieved in the gargantuan effort. 'I was keen to seek, as the man advised, for it would set me free. And it did. We're all entitled to know who and what we are, and can't go on being paralysed by fear—especially fear of knowing the truth about our predicament as conscious living entities. Enough of ignorance! I say.' A challenging work.
  The Eureka Strain by Larry Kynne The Eureka Strain
This is a political novel with a difference—the sort Cromwell made when he cleared parliament at rifle-point, as Adam King does in Canberra in this story. Inspired by Henry Lawson's little known poem of 1912 called 'The King of our Republic'. They said 'if it ain't broke why fix it' for so long that the system collapsed from paralysis born of fear of intervention and innovation. Adam King became our 19th dictator since 1788.
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D. Works in Progress || Out of print. POD orders only on request.
Icarus-2 Book Novel
G.James Hamilton ICARUS-2
When the sky custodians finally make contact with a deeply troubled humanity, the US authorities step up to the plate as Earth's spokesmen. But they're ignored.The contact is made instead with an obscure Central Australian tribe of Aborigines sensitive to the mind signals the visitors use to communicate. The CIA takes it upon itself to sabotage the encounters forcing humanity to the brink of the most futile military action in history.
The Master Builder Book Novel
Scourge of the Ranges
Published in 2009 to test the authorities, it got shelved because of the Constitutional crisis it unleashed and which remains 'in Limbo'. It's a crime for a civil servant or politician to help the author prove his claims of Crown malfeasance (extra-judicial assassination), so the Uralla cover-up of 1870 can go on indefinitely. The lies are okay if they protect the Crown.